Media Production 2 Project 3: Swan Sanctuary

This was a PSA video that made for Production 2. The project to make a Public Service Announcement or a short commercial about a fake business. I chose to do a P.S.A. about a made-up non-profit organization that wanted to promote a new law to decrease deportation. The organization is called “Swan Sanctuary.”  I video was I know that i could of added more to video but I do feel satisfied with my video.

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Media Production 2 Project 4: When Boredom Strikes

The project was piece about anything we wanted to do. This was a piece of various objects that I took around my room. Some shoots that I took stood out to me and I wanted to incorporate them into this project. I used a lot of close-up shots and pan shots to create different atmospheres around the objects. This way, it would make the audience feel like they are in different scenarios and and have different emotions to the shoots and clips.

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Senior Studio 2: Thesis Project

This is my thesis for me semester long project for Senior Studio 2. The premise to this was that a broken down robot wants to improve itself. The animation that I used was 3d animation with the use of Maya. However, after completing this project, I do want to improve upon it and continue to do 3d animation. The reason for this is because I want to further develop my skills in the area I plan to work in.

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Demo Reel: Final Draft

This a final version to my Demo Reel. I took out two shots and added my bone study and a scene from my final thesis project. All in all, I am proud of the final outcome.

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Demo Reel: Rough Draft

This is a draft for my demo reel. It is comprised of my best work whether it is 2d/3d animation or still lives and sketches. I was trying to go for a laid back vibe for each of my art and the music that I chose, “Painting in Paris” by “Arrested Youth” expressed that very vibe. After critiques, I need to match some of the transitions to the beat of the song, take out two piece and add one, render the 3d models and add one more piece of art. Other than that, I am quite please of how the demo reel is turning out. I should have the final version by this weekend.

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Media Production Project 2: Macabre Thoughts

This was a collaborative project with Alex Mandzi. We were required to do a representative for an archetype and we choose “The Loner.” Basically, it was about how a person needed to let out all their frustration regardless if it is a person or an inanimate object. We used the use of various camera angles including some experimental shot with the skull. The video however needs some improvement with the lip syncing and needing more communication so that the audience doesn’t get lost.

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