Analysis to Inca Creation Story

Kevon Wyllie Foundations A.S.U.

08-28-2014 H.W. F.F./S.R.


Analysis to Inca Creation Story


              From analyzing this comic, “Inca Creation Story”, it can be said that it shows some elements of design. One element of design is the repetition of the sun. In the first three boxes, it shows the same image whether it’s the whole picture of the sun, or just a side of his head and crown. Compared to my knowledge of comic books, this is a common trait, especially in japanese manja.  Another element is the size and differentiation. For example, he shows how the  size of the house gets bigger and better in time when more people come. In most comics, the author and illustrator would describe and show how something/someone would change or “evolve” over time, whether it’s his/her/it’s body, power, weapons, clothes, features, etc. One last element is the narrator being the third person point-of-view. For example, the narrator recall the sun in his name, or he, and the people as they. This would show evidence that the narrator is the third person. However, Almost every comic and manga has a narrator in the third person, and at some occasions, it would be one of the characters doing the narrating. In conclusion, the three elements that I cited in this comic are common elements that still being used today in the modern comics/mangas. I wonder what other comics/manga still use these elements.


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