My “Why” and “How” Response

Kevon Wyllie Foundations A.S.U.

08-27-2014 H.W. F.F./S.R.


My “Why” and “How”

For as long as I known, the “why” and “how” has always been important factors to how someone would get something done; whether it would be how the Mac apple is gonna be selling their newest party and why, or why someone wants to be successful and how are they gonna make it possible. For me, it’s “why am I doing this major?” and “how do I make the dream possible?” To answer the “why”, it’s how I basically, want my artwork to come to life. I consider art to be the manifestation of one’s imagination into reality. For example, everything around us is art, whether it’s big, small, beautiful, and/or ugly, it doesn’t matter, it’s art. After all, every single creation came from someone’s imagination and brought it into reality. Thats why I choose D.M.A. as my major, because it will help me bring my art to life in the closes reality, “virtual reality”. The “How” however is a different story. My plan to make my “Why” possible, is to get an internship, that will turn into a career in due time. To do that I would need good grades that are above average to catch the gaming companies attention immediately. To make that possible, I will try to follow all the requirements needed for my work to be a success. Also, get extra credit, to boost up my grade a bit.  I personally would want to have a career in Ubisoft gaming company. The reason why is because of how they made some of my favorite games. For instance, creating the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise, “Far Cry” franchise, “Watch Dogs”, and many more. In conclusion, The question was the “Why” and “How” to why I choose D.M.A. as my major, how do I make my goal possible. I do hope to accomplish though that I am not the only who has this goal and would enjoy having others to come to in order to make my skills better.

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