Response to Days 1-5


From watching this video, “The Lord’s Prayer” by Istvan Horkay, I have a response for this. My thoughts is how it kept shifting the background in the whole video. For example, the video had started with showing a flower pot and ended a with a flower pot. Also, a bunch of trigs had formed stairs below the screen, however, when it reached to half of the video, it started forming from the top now. What got me is the bird that was flying in the video. For instance, the black bird kept flying while a woman was talking in another language. I thought that she was praying to god, but I could be wrong. What I didn’t understand in how the black bird turned into a white dove. I thought it represent how corruption was turned into purity, seeing how black was turned to white.


From watching this video, “(Re)Cycle” by Lynn Dana Wilton, I have a response for this. My thoughts was how if how come big happened, something else came to life. For example, the volcano errupting i didn’t understand, but I did understand how all those sea cratures had gotten life. Seeing all those types of fish made me guess on why we we should recycle. My guess, if we don’t, then all those fish might end up dead.


From watching this video, “Maintenance” by Dael Oates, I have a response for this. At first, I couldn’t see why the old lady was dancing on the corner, I thought she was trying to be carefree. I didn’t understand why the girl was looking for memoryies of whoever it was, but it made sense in the end. From how the narrator said, the “house guided her through the hallways” it made more and more sense; it was like she was going back in time before her grandmother pasted away. When the old lady was dancing carefree, i’m guessing it was to show that she knew was about to die soon, and wanted to dance was last time.


From watching this video, “Pictures” by Gioacchino Petronicce, I have a response for this. From watching this video, it was clear that Petronicce made a slideshow of the pictures he had taken. It shows where he was before he took the photo. The noromus photos that he took had interest me. Each one had it’s own story of it’s own, whether it could be about a person, a place, event, or a thing. It kept showing different view points of Manhattan, New York; telling me that the photography was there moving around to get a good picture.



From watching this video, “The Leaf Woman and the Centaur”  by Jordan Bruner, I have a response for this. What i thought about this was how it was creative with whatever hatched from the egg. For instances, something new came out everytime an egg hatched. From one egg, sea animals, the second egg gave insects the third and fourth egg gave birds, and fthe last eggs gave animals such as dogs, cats, cows, and horses  What had shocked me is how the Centaur killed the Leaf Woman. When the Centaur shot an arrow and killed the Leaf Woman, I was confused by that action; I thought he fell in love with the leaf woman, because of how he had hearts coming out of his eyes. Even though the Centaur was born from to different gendered horses.

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