The Moonlight Butterfly


The “Moonlight Butterfly” is to represent acceptance. For us humans, accepting something, or everything could be easy, but also difficult. For example, the changes that we go through in our lives. The stuff that we go through is no different from one-another, and we must accept it in order to move on. Take the caterpillar for example; it accepts the fact on how it evolves into a butterfly by turning into a cocoon. By accepting this fact, the caterpillar becomes a mighty butterfly, allowing it to fly anywhere it wants. Basically, acceptance can be both good, or bad, depending on the situation but change will always happen.

To make this poster, I used an artwork from the famous “David Lance Goines” for the format. The portrait I used was “Larkspur Landing.” By using his portrait, it gave me an idea on where to place the butterflies around the portrait. Next, I wanted the colors of the portrait to match the name. To make this possible, I used a dark blue with a regular blue to make the poster more into a nighttime setting. However, I made the paint around the moon lighter because I wanted it to match the meaning of the poster.


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