Respone to Days 6-10


From watching this video, “Family Therapy” by “Cynthia Atkins” and “Nic Sebastian”, it is clear that the message is about the secrets people hide within themselves. By that, I mean how people bottle up anything they don’t want others to know, hear or see. To me, it makes sense but I think I know why she used a desert. I think she used the desert is because it like a volt where we keep our secrets. A baron wasteland where you wouldn’t see a lot of people, sand wherever you look, you could just bury your secrets anywhere in that area and never look back.


From watching this video, “Montag // There is a voice” by “Samantha Gurry”, the only thing that came to mind is “nature having a voice”. Basically, throughout the whole entire video, all I saw is pictures of flowers, trees, and butterflies. Automatically, I’m thinking it has to do with nature; but what I don’t get is the flying keys and falling watches. I’m guessing it means that we he the tools to make nature better. I also think that the falling watches mean that we don’t have a lot time, since time waits for anyone or anything.


From watching this video, “Two Chips” by “Adam Patch”, I thought it was funny but also messed up at the same time. What I find funny about this video is the jokes, For example, “Lets taco this” and “I’m nacho friend”. As soon as I heard those jokes, I laughed and was amussed by it. However, I don’t get how the other chip could just kill the lighter chip like that. I can i=understand if that chip was having a bad day and all, but you can’t just go and kill the chip like that, it’s just ain’t right.


From watching this video, “Sophomore” by “Constantinos Chaidals”, and I have no idea what I’m watching. All I’m seeing is heads splitting apart and some ink is coming out of it. I’m thinking it means that there is a different version of art within all of us. Almost every face and figure in the background opens in half and it’s just a little confusing watching these faces opening out of nowhere.


From watching this video, “On Miles Platting Station” by “Kate Jessop”, I think it means, “expect the unexpected”. Basically, when you go to a new place, you don’t know what your suppose to expect. Almost anything can happen in any environment and your likely not to know what to do. The narrator just kept talking about a different environment in the whole video. I didn’t quite get it at first.

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