“Everyone Wears a Mask”

Final_Draft-Metaphor-Project                                               216_els_gal

“Everyone Wears a Mask” is a metaphorical art piece. As it’s name dictates, it represents how every person whether it’s man, woman, or child wears an imaginary mask. I chose this as my metaphor to represent how I wear my mask for being nice, frustrated, and depressed.

The project was to make a poster, using the contrast of the shadows reflecting on my face. I developed the contrast in my composition by moving together two shades of gray with a white void. I developed the positive and negative spaces by drawing the shadows in my face.

This format was an idea from an artwork from a famous “David Lance Goines” poster. His artwork helped me to open the composition. I used an archetype to make the pattern for the bottom. An archetype is considered to be symbols and comprehension; or their “original mode.” Just like how opposites were to separate from each other, the bars that are separating will come back together, but will repeat the process over and over again.

Finally, the triangles on the side are to represent the different expressions that the mask is used for. Those expressions would be kindness, frustration, or depression. For example, “Shapes as symbols directly relates to the primitive and unconscious sense perceptions everyone shares as a common reality.” This quote means how shapes can be used as representations for the almost anything.


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