Response to Days 11-16


From watching this video, “Ocean” by “Tobias Stretch”, I makes me feel like I’m in the ocean itself. For example, Cook plays the sounds in his video like you’re in the ocean; like your right there in that very position. Also, how the ocean holds mystery’s of it’s own. Mr. Cook saids a poem in this video of how the ocean can have many strange things to it. It could be the dead rising back from the water or hearing songs from the ocean.


From watching this video, “Phytoplastic” by “Ellie Irons”, I think it is creative. From reading the summary Irons left, it is impressive to put environmental science with art. For example,“ I began to integrate science and art, combining them into a practice drawing on the lab, the field, and the studio.” This video does show that she was in the field making this video. I am confused with how the video was taken by the angle. From the angle of how the video was going, it looked like it was taken directly into the water recording the leaves and branches it.


From watching this video, “Unity by Christopher Bono”, by “Tobias Stretch”, it is both unique and unnatural. By unnatural, I mean how I have never seen something like people being made from small materials depending on the nature. For example, the color shifts whether it’s green for grass or white for snow. This shows a pixel difference with each frame when the people are being formed. Also, from reading Stretch’s summary, I can agree with her. “A certain excitement of objects, forms, and expressions can only be translated into the convulsions and surprises of a reality that seems to destroy itself with an irony in which you can hear a scream from the extremities of the mind” This quote means how in any form, can express itself, even destroy itself. I agree because of how art can be expressed in my forms whether it’s good or bad.


From watching this video, “Impermanence” by “Eric Souther”, I think that Souther was impressive for the pixel changes in his video. With how the person was changing the pixel dimensions in each frame, it added an effect that time was moving fast in the background. Also, with how he changed the opacity of the background’s movements, it made the affect of time more realistic. For example, “a space of animated architecture and fast-paced crowds, acts as a physical representation of our electronic culture, an icon of media saturation. How do we exist in this space, past and present?” By reading this, manipulating the pixel dimensions and the frame difference had helped this video a lot.



From watching this video, “Collage” by “Carlos Jiménez”, I make me think, “This person should put more work into this video.” My opinion, this video is good, but not that big. I like how the second person’s head kept switching until it stopped at the TV’s head. However, I was expecting more stuff to change. Since the title is “Collage” I thought the background would change images, or at least almost all the body parts would change images; maybe even a bit longer than 27 seconds.


From watching this video, “Domestikia: The Incident in the Nursery”, ” Domestikia, Chapter 3: La Petite Mort”, and “Domestikia, Chapter 6: An Unfortunate Incident Involving Her Hat” by “Jennifer Linton”, I think that it uses great puppet animation in all 3,the second video is just “… wow, just wow”, and some of the stuff in this video is very confusing. In all 3 videos, Linton uses great uses of puppet animation making the video have a 2D view. Next, the second video is just creepy. What I find creepy is how the octopus from the first video was having sex with the lady and then out of nowhere, the octopus rips off the lady’s head. Like that was very unexpected. Finally, some of the actions that took place are just not adding up. For instance, the butterfly coming out of the dead woman’s corpse, the woman thinking about the octopus, and the lady’s ha growing vines, and even the butterflies in every video. My question, what does the butterflies in each video mean?

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