Creation/Sketch of my Facemask

IMG_3502 _MG_3580

As you can see, I created a mask that is the same size as my face. The other side is the sketch of the mask. This is from the mask being shined upon by the light. Fro this project, it was about three topics that made the mask come out this way. For example, motive, value, and composition.

The mood that I was going for was a “menacing chaotic” mood. By that, I mean how I wanted me mask to look scary to the point where if you saw that mask, you would just want to run and avoid that mask at all cost. To make this possible, I had to make the shadows to have different shadings. The shadows on the left side of the mask were from the light shining from the right. The shadow on the bottom gives the mask it’s anonymous vibe that something else is lurking beneath the surface of the mask. This is also with the mini-shadows that look like cracks on the mask’s right side. The darkness in the eyeholes emphasizes the mood of my mask. I wanted it to give a person the feeling that if he/she/they were to look in those eyeholes, you wouldn’t see anything but pure darkness.

The second project was less hard then making the mask, but it had it’s own challenge. My intentions for the sketch was to make it have a menacing stare. By looking at the shadows that look like cracks on the mask’s right side, it illustrates that there’s something more evil beneath the surface of the mask. For display, I sketched the mask is pencil led but the challenge was using the charcoal to shade in the shadows on the mask’s right side. The challenge for this was the blending; knowing what charcoals would give the right shading to match the difference in the shadows whether it was lighter or darker. The reason why the shadow the mask casted off is so dark is because I wanted it to have a darker vibe to, like a demon-like presence.

My opinion, it looks pretty good and menacing. Also, when someone looks at from a distance, it looks like you can’t see the lines but shading of the shadows. I wanted it to look like it had no form from a distance, but up close, you can see almost every detail put into the mask.

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