The title of this piece is called “Sexism Nonsense.” This piece is meant to represent how sexism is a waste of time. The typical gender stereotypes would separate men in women in a lot of categories. This even includes positions in job whether it’s socially and politically. The people that you see on the poster are what the jobs that the opposite sex would have. It reflects how it doesn’t matter what the stereotypes are for a Masculine or Feminine; if one sex can do that job, then why can’t the other sex do it.

I made this poster by using the movement known as “Dadaism.” Dadaism or “Dada” was an art movement that was made after the horrors of WWI. This movement was how artist, poets, etc. would put pieces of images together to send out a message. Those images would be cutouts of pictures that would normally not go together. The reason why it died out was because it was being “accepted.” From my research, the artist didn’t want Dadaism to be considered “another standard.” They wanted it to be an abnormal way of being art.

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