Response to “Helvetica”

Response to “Helvetica”


From watching the documentary “Helvetica,” I learned more stuff about the font “Helvetica.” Each font has it’s own style. The font “Helvetica” is used because style is neutral; the font doesn’t have a meaning. Second, Helvetica is about the inner/outer relationships for between and in characters with the ink surface or “black.” With this font, it looks as if the word is living in a “powerful matrix of surrounding shapes.” This term means that the font amplifies the word itself to give that word more meaning. Third, “Linotype” owns Helvetica. Linotype is the marketing company that owns Helvetica with Haas and Stempel foundries’. This company is located in Bad Homburg, Germany. Linotype original got the name for the Helvetica font “Helvetia,” a Switzerland’s Latin country name.

Also, how typography plays a big role in a person’s life. That role is how typography can communicate with someone using fonts. For Helvetica, it is considered “fresh and withy.” My opinion, it’s one of the most common fonts that is used, abused in a person’s life. For example, there are various advertisements especially in Time Square, Manhattan that use Helvetica. They use this certain font, because it has a “push and pull” felling to it. This font is even easily remembered for how the public see’s this font around them all the time in the lives. Finally, Helvetica can be used to express different emotions. For instance, Helvetica is used around the world having a similar/different meaning or message to a person, a country or a nation. The way that Helvetica can be used is how you want to express a person’s message. A person could underline a certain, make the word bold or apply both attributes to that word while using this font. Even as time keeps moving forward, the font, “Helvetica is still one of the commonly used fonts today.



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