Dadaism: Friday The 13th


The title of this piece is a movie poster called “Friday, The 13th.” This piece is meant to advertise the movie using the movement, “Dadaism.” I wanted to advertise this movie because it is one of my favorite horror classic films of all time. The movie I’m advertising is the recent “Friday, the 13th” made in 2009. Using Dadaism, I want to exploit the reason of this movie. For instance, we all know that the movie is about how if a bunch of teenagers come to “Camp Crystal Lake,” especially to have “relations” with one another, Jason Voorhees will come and kill you. By using Dadaism, it helps make the reason for this movie look’s ridiculous, but also explains that there is a machete-wielding, hockey-wearing psychopath staking the area looking for his next victim.

I made this poster by using the movement known as “Dadaism.” Dadaism or “Dada” was an art movement that was made after the horrors of WWI. This movement was how artist, poets, etc. would put pieces of images together to send out a message. Those images would be cutouts of pictures that would normally not go together. The reason why it died out was because it was being “accepted.” From my research, the artist didn’t want Dadaism to be considered “another standard.” They wanted it to be an abnormal way of being art.

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