“From the Darkness to the Light”


“From the Darkness to the Light” is a mandala art work. Its name refers to how man no matter what shape, size or form always has a darkness inside them. Even if that darkness is a small essence inside them, it can be turned into pure light. I chose this meaning to be represented in my mandala because of how all humans can be considered the same person.


Using “Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Analogous and Complementary colors,” I painted a mandala. It had to be 50% intensity change by adding the colors complement. To make the colors in the mandala possible, I had to refer back to “Light Creates Color.” For example, “The primary hues of RGB (red, green, blue) being transmitted through light. Displaying variations of hue (the color itself), saturation (intensity), and value (lightness of tint or darkness of shade).” This quote means that sunlight can change the hue of any color.

For the meaning behind the colors themselves, the complementary colors helped. The meaning behind red and green is “Anger and Jealousy.” With green being the color of envy, showed how there are different shades of green so it might be hard to tell who really is jealous of someone else. This would lead to anger with red being a burning flame just waiting to turn into a wild fire. The colors orange and blue represent “Learning and Healing.” For orange being the color of learning, humans make mistakes time and time again, trying to not make those same mistakes again. For blue, it heals those wounds so the humans can learn even better now, like cool water splashing in someone’s face or an ocean’s breeze passing by. Finally, yellow and purple represent “Personal power and Mystery.” Humans all want the power where they can feel good about themselves, showing how he/she is best. In all cultures, colors are represents in different ways; more of a better way to mess with someones’s head.

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