Gallery of Wenhua Shi

Gallery of Wenhua Shi

During my time in college, I have been to a lot of galleries that have been held in Alfred State U. One of those galleries that I have been to is the one for a famous artist named “Wenhua Shi.” For this gallery, it was relevant to the DMA program with the classification, description and relevance.


The gallery for Wenhua Shi can be classified as an intro to his work. I wouldn’t say that the work Shi presented is new, but it is fascinating. Shi did take awhile to explain his pieces but his intro was informative. Even the fact how he pursed his dream of being an artist, even though his father wanted him to be a doctor.

To my description, this gallery was more of a lecture to his 2 art pieces. One of his art pieces was sound piece. This art piece was made by reacting to sound and the common verses the people normally say everyday. The common verses are “ah, oh, eh, etc.” the list goes on. Also the this sonic art reacts to how loud something is whether it’s soft tap to a high pitch scream. The second piece is more of a flashy art piece called “Night Song.” This art was like a night-light that looked like the scales of a fish. My opinion, this art piece has continuous flash effect. Just like staring at a “Hypno Wheel,” you can see a faded “Night Song” the moment you look away when the light flashes back on.


The relevance of this gallery is how art can come in other shapes and forms. His to art pieces were proof of that being possible. A piece that can react to sound; that piece shows sonic art is very possible, maybe even more possible. His other art piece, “Night Song” shows how light can intensify a piece in any shape, size or form. This also includes an art piece’s value.


            To restate from the beginning, I had gone to the gallery for “Wenhua Shi.” In my opinion, I can say that his gallery was something to be used as inspiration. By that, I mean how if a man like Shi can make art like that, there can be hopes for a person like me. I wonder if there will be other gallery for Wenhua Shi.













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