Movie Poster #2

Dragonball-Evolution Movie Poster (Dadaism)

The title of this piece is a movie poster called “Dragonball Evolution.” This piece is meant to advertise the movie using the movement, “Dadaism.” I wanted to advertise this movie because it was a very horrible movie to “Dragonball Z.”  The movie I’m advertising is the made in 2009.

Using Dadaism, I want to exploit the reason how this movie was a bad realistic version the anime. For instance, we all know that the movie is about how a man named Goku trying to gather all seven dragonballs to stop an evil force that will destroy earth. By using Dadaism, it helps make the reason for this movie look’s ridiculous, but also explains that if anyone is going to make a realistic anime movie, they have to follow the original storyline.




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