Project #5: Chair Sketch Prospective

Project #5: Chair Sketch Prospective


The objective for this project was to sketch 1 of 3 different chairs in an atmospheric perspective. By “atmospheric perspective,” I mean the brightness and darkness of an object determining by something’s distance.


To make this project possible, I hade to make the shading and sketching match the chair itself. For that, the shading went from a lighter shade to a darker gray shade. This helped me apply the dimensions needed for the chair. However, there was a problem with this project. The problem was the sheet that was covering the chair. This made it harder to the strips to become darker with how the light was shining on the chair.

I want the chair to make my own perspective. The perspective that I was going for was trying to make show that the chair show that there was a demon inhabiting the chair. My first attempt was to draw an aura around the chair with eyes above the chair. It didn’t workout so well. My second attempt increased my success for my perspective. What I had done was get rid of the eyes and aura. Also, darken the curves and edges of the chair. This made it show that there is tension in the chair. It makes the chair looks like it is rotten from the inside out.


I can say that I am successful for making the chair’s dimensions and atmospheric perspective possible. I t was hard at first, but this project does show that I am improving with using charcoal.

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