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Metric Montage: Transformers 4

Throughout all of filming history, there has always been a montage to help increase to the meaning behind the scene of the movie. A montage is a process/ technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to … Continue reading

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Storyboard for Final Project

The story focuses on the people who can be applied to have animal characteristics. It also follows the law of the jungle, “the weak die, and the strong survives.” Act 1: The stop-motion starts with the sun shining on the … Continue reading

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The Blind-Eye Marionettes’

(Warning, those who have a strong belief in GOD should avoid reading this. This is based on my opinion and my opinion only.)

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Project: Biomorphic Animal

The project was to create an animal infused both metallic parts and features of myself, or “fuse organic matter with in-organic matter.” The animal I chose was the common silverback gorilla. The parts of the gorilla that I replaced was … Continue reading

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Gif Glitch Project

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Glitch Artist: Kim Asendorf

Glitch Artist: Kim Asendorf From my knowledge of glitches, it has given problems to people who own a computer the most. However, now of days, people now know how to turn a malfunction into a tool. For example, one of … Continue reading

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