Glitch Artist: Kim Asendorf

Glitch Artist: Kim Asendorf

From my knowledge of glitches, it has given problems to people who own a computer the most. However, now of days, people now know how to turn a malfunction into a tool. For example, one of the most common ways people can use a glitch is by turn that glitch into art. One of the famous artists to do this type of art is “Mr. Kim Asendorf.”

Asendorf is a conceptual artist. By conceptual, I mean how he bases his art on formal topics. Asendorf’s art is based on the type of work he does is digital media that is incorporate Internet culture/technology. When it comes to the range of his work, it ranges from projects/performances to visual art/installations. For any of Asendorf’s work, he quotes, “Creativity is the act of rebellion by definition. You have to be downright subversive to break the rules and to comfort conventional wisdom, don’t you? And if everyone accepts what you are doing it, you’re obviously not on the forefront and you are doing something that is within the paradigm. If every accepts what I am doing, I’m in the wrong field.”


From this quote, it can be stated that creativity can be represents as one’s rebellion to the “man’s rule,” that even if a person doesn’t accept his/her own art, then it doesn’t matter if even the whole world accepts his/her art. His style for being a glitch artist is image glicthing. For his style, he always makes his art very unnatural. For example, one of his works, “Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach: 10k likes on Facebook,” his art is a muscular figure showing off her biceps while her face is glitched upside down. This can show the use of glitches by how even dough the woman’s face is upside down, the face still motions with the west of the video. Another art of his is “China will save the world with a female arm, 2014.” This art show a lot of use to image glitch in how each of the soldier’s face with a woman’s face. Even with the camera moving, the women’s upside down faces still function and while the rest of the bodies stay still.

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