Project: Biomorphic Animal

The project was to create an animal infused both metallic parts and features of myself, or “fuse organic matter with in-organic matter.” The animal I chose was the common silverback gorilla. The parts of the gorilla that I replaced was the upper part of his face, hands, left leg, upper chest, both feet, 2/3 of his right leg. I gave my gorilla metallic hands, metallic feet, metallic chest, and his upper face was covered in metal.

I tried giving my gorilla a dynamic pose that a normal gorilla would be in. The reason why I wanted a dynamic pose because I wanted to show movement into my creation. The dynamic pose I gave my gorilla was raising his fist showing that he was about to beat his chest. This pose is regular to gorilla to show dominance to which gorilla is superior. For my features, I added my glasses and a scar that I had on the left side of my chest.


The principles of design that I applied to my gorilla were organic, biomorphic, and atmospheric perspective. For the organic principle, I tried to apply how gorillas normally are, whether some parts of his hair were sticking out to the regular size of a gorilla’s stomach. The biomorphic principle shared some similarities with the organic principle. However, the difference was to make the shape have les curves and points to here the lines begin to shift. The atmospheric perspective was in my opinion the hardest outs of the three. I consider this principle to be the hardest because wherever the light source was determined the brighter/darker type of shading I needed to apply.


To make the shading possible, my material were a charcoal, ebonize pencil, a blender, and an eraser. When it comes down to success rate was 65-75% successful. I consider that to be my success rate because I didn’t add more detail to the metal parts of my gorilla. I also thought that I could a more shading to the metal hands in order to make look more realistic.

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