The Blind-Eye Marionettes’




(Warning, those who have a strong belief in GOD should avoid reading this. This is based on my opinion and my opinion only.)

My project was to create a gif of something to my own ideas and beliefs. The rule that I had to follow was “5,7,5.” This rule can be introduced in many ways but I applied this rule with three gifs. The 2 videos are 5 seconds while the one in the middle is 7 seconds. For my idea, I wanted to show that God was just using his followers as puppets and lying to their faces. In my opinion, I consider this from how it is ironic that GOD would say that we are all free, but yet he would control us like a puppet. For example, t=my preachers can tell me that, “God would guide our actions to the path that intends us to follow.” To me personally, I find this redundant because of how God has would still control our actions even though we have the right to our own actions.


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