Storyboard for Final Project

The story focuses on the people who can be applied to have animal characteristics. It also follows the law of the jungle, “the weak die, and the strong survives.”

Act 1: The stop-motion starts with the sun shining on the city. The birds are flying and the people are doing their usual routine. The people are talking and acting like animals and show a relation to animals that live in the jungle.

Act 2: This scene takes place in a business room. The workers are listening to their boss make plans for future business opportunities. This relates to the alpha wolf and his pack listen in on future hunting strategies.

Act 3: Two men fight for the slice of pizza. This shows a relationship with how to male gorillas are fighting each other for dominance. The people around them watch, making bets to who would win.

Act 4: Two men get into an argument over a woman that they want. They end up fighting to see who can get her first. In the end another man comes in and sweeps the girl while the other two continue to fight.

Act 5: A man goes on a night into the town. He is going through town looking for a prostitute to have relations with. This would correlate to how a male animal would try to find a female mate.

Act 6: The people end up becoming animals (lions, tigers, monkeys, snakes birds, etc.) The very ending is the camera moving up while seeing the moon and hearing the people become animals.

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