Metric Montage: Transformers 4

Throughout all of filming history, there has always been a montage to help increase to the meaning behind the scene of the movie. A montage is a process/ technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole. In short, it’s a method used to by taking different parts of a movie to make a new part comprised of all the other parts. In my opinion, the movie, “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction,” shows signs of metric montage.

Metric montage is when multiple scenes of the movie are put in a certain order to then bring tension while keeping the original proportion of the film. One way that Transformers 4 showed this type of montage was the scene when Galvatron was fighting Optimus Prime. For example, they how the camera was switching view points, to how the camera does a close up to Galvatron’s face with him saying “That is why I have no fear. You die” brought more tension into this scene. It shows the viewer that this Galvatron is the same Megatron from the previous films, but rather a whole new Decepticon that is superior to his predecessor. Another way that Transformers showed this montage was when Galvatron gave life to al; the other decepticons while announcing his plan. For instance, Galvatron surprising the factory works that he was alive, gave life to each one of the decepticons, and how he screamed out his plan. This brought tension to how there was a lot of decpticons to having only 5 autobots. It made a prediction that there would be a great battle to end the movie.

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