Phenkistascope Project

Phenkistascope-Project image


The project being displayed is phenkistascope that I made from scratch. In short, this project was to make a phenkistascope of my own. The images that I need to put on the phenkistascope are anything to my heart’s content. As the phenkistascope is shown, I mad a horse gulping, a bird flying and a ball bouncing. The requirements of the project were to get motion with each slot of all 12 slots. To make the motion possible, I need to make the movements for the horse, bird and ball in sync with each other. In addition, there can be a beginning but not have no ending at all. To restate, wherever the sequence starts, the rest of the phenkistascope needs to convert back to that very beginning. The sequence continues endlessly showing that the sequence is infinite.

To make this project, I made the circle with the phenkistascope by using a 30-degree ruler, compass, foam board and needle. Next, the circle was cut out from the board with the eye slots from the foam board. In addition, I needed to make the layers for each image to have space for the sequence. When I finished making the layers, I started with the horse gulping, next was the bird flapping its wings and finally the ball bouncing. Lastly, I colored in the layers, animals and objects that I liked.


When I finished this project, I had some expectations. One of my expectations was that I thought I the movements wouldn’t be in that sync. For example, when I was drawing the horse gulping and ball bouncing, I thought it wouldn’t show the horse movements so well. My idea was that it might be 50% successful. This expectation was the same for the ball however, when I tested out the phenkistascope, the movement was in-sync better it surpassed my expectations. Another expectation I had was the bird’s movement with speed of the speed phenkistascope moving. For example, the birds in each of the slots of the 12 were in sync with one another. When the phenkistascope was spun, the bird was seen no matter what speed was applied.


Besides expectations, there were also two improvements to be made. The most important Improvement was that I needed to keep the same size for the horse on the first layer. For instance, the horse would stretch out in some of the slots. For me personally, I can’t really keep the same of the size of the image that I drew more than once. One more improvement that I need to make is the colors that I use. For instance, I feel like I could use a darker color on the parts that I want to be seen moving. If I could have used a darker color on the horse’s leg, it might have been see better.

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