Box for Visual Vocabulary

IMG_0115 IMG_0112

The project being displayed is a box made to contain the 14 visual vocabulary images. In short, this project was to make a box, cd cover or Japanese bookbinding to hold and show our creativity with 14 images that represent the principles of design or art. One of those principles that can be represented is the Gestalt Principles. These principles were made to describe how artist would show the visual elements when a certain principle is applied. For the 14 visual vocabulary words, I used “Movement, Form, Asymmetry, Emphasis, Continuation, Contrast, Proportion, Closure, Proximity, Balance, Color, Harmony, Value and Shape.”

Rhythm Harmony Form Value Continuation Closure Balance Proprotion Emphasis Shape Contrast Color Proximity Asymmetry


To bring this box into reality, I used foam board, exact-o-knife, a hot glue gun, a glue stick and paint (water color and gouache), bristle board paper, and a board cuter. The box measures up to 5 inches length to 6 inches width. When I made the sides for the box, the front and back was made to cover the edges. This method was applied to the cover of the box to cover the edges as well. Next, I used the hot glue gun to put all the sides for the box together and to make the cover as well. The third step was the to cut out the paper from the bristle board paper to match the same size to cover all the sides on the box. Then, I used the glue stick to make the paper stick with the board pieces to cover the corners while the sides as well. Finally, I painted a value shift of red, blue yellow, orange green and purple.


While doing and completing this project, I had some expectations that were proven wrong. One expectation I had was the time need to make the box. For example, I thought that’s need to cut out the sides from the board would take a while but, when I used the board cuter, it saved more time for me to work on other projects. Another expectation I had was how long it took to the glue from the hot glue gun. The time the glue took to dry was faster than expected. It made trying to put the parts together a much more difficult task.


When finishing the projects, I need to make some improvements on the box. One of those improvements was the glue for the paper to stick. I needed to add more glue to the corners to hold it. This task was difficult because the paper didn’t want stick making me apply more glue. Another improvement was trying to print out the images in the right size. I need the 24 images to be 4.5 length by 5.5 width. When trying to print the images out, it showed a problem with getting the images to the right measurements.



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