Computer Animation Final Project: Parallel Earths

As required for one of my final projects, the assignment was to create a story using still-life images and had to have at least two montages. The length of the story had to be 30 seconds to a minute long while the images had to be self-generated. For my story, I decided to show possibilities of parallel earths. The three versions of this earth were as followed; “Barron Earth, Metallic Earth and Arctic Earth.” On these three Earths, I showed the landscape to compare what they would normally look like compared to our earth. To make this film possible, I used Adobe Premier Pro.

The difficulties to making this short film possible were trying to understand how to make the effects for the video. For example, the effects were needed to help bring out the message from the film; however, trying to apply a certain effect to a certain scene was hard to comprehend. Another difficulty was tying to understand the structure of the film to the content of the film. For instance, me personally, I confused the structure and content which made it more harder to apply any certain montages. The montages that I wanted to apply were Metric and Rhythmic montage. Rhythmic would have been applied by keeping the order earths. By that, I mean how which earth would go first, second, third etc. Metric montage would have been applied by the effects of how the landscape can be altered by day or night to show the difference of each version of earth. The project however did help get a more understanding to not confuse structure from content. It also made it more understandable to tell how a story can be told better and how the structure can be improved upon.

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