Response to Figure Drawing 2/8

The assignment was to watch and write a journal entry on a video about figure drawing. After watching this video, it made the concept on figure drawing easier to understand the concept on figure drawing. One of the lessons that I learned is “Proportion.” By proportion, I mean the proper size and depth between the length and width of the person I am trying to draw. Without the proportion, the figure’s length and width of the body has no balance make it look unstable. Another lesson that I learned is how to properly do a figure drawing. For example, using a line to help mark the points of certain body parts that are on the human body helped and how each part is somewhat connected to each other whether it’s above or next to the body part.

Even with the line having 8 points each represent, “Top of the head, Bottom of the chin, the chest bon, the Bellybutton, the crouch being the middle, the knees and the bottom of the feet” each made it easier to understand on how to make a good figure drawing. In the near future I plan on using this method with drawing my own characters in the near future to help show what he/she will look like. The character won’t be in a dynamic pose but rather a regular pose that will help show the view what to expect in anything later on that includes that certain character.

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