Response to Understanding Comics: Chapters 1-2

Response to Understanding Comics: Chapters 1-2


The assignment for this Journal Entry was to create notes from chapters 1-3 from “Understanding Comics.” From reading these 3 chapters, it got a fair amount of information, both that I did and didn’t knew at the same time. One piece of information that I did know is how comic books have no limits when it comes to creating something. By that, I mean how a comic does require just a certain amount of material to make one, or the genre or philosophies. In short, using any art material about a story that is anything related that maybe going on in someone else’s life could make a comic even if that certain think is bad or good. Another piece that I did know is how the icons that people know from today came from we life people. For example, the common icons maybe flat and may look abstract to the viewer’s eye, he/she would still consider to love that certain taken in from someone in real life to the point where the person would consider the cartoon to be an actually person. Even though I knew some information in the chapters, there were others pieces of information that I didn’t know about that was introduced to me.

One piece that I didn’t know is how things that aren’t usually really can seem to be real because of a person’s 5 sense. For instance, every person has the 5 sense, “see, taste, hear, smell and touch” and it is because of these senses to why a person can feel the world around them. From that, what can make or even drawn can feel real from like pulling it out from the page like the person was physically holding it. Another piece that I didn’t know is how a comic can mature into a medium. For instance, I know that a comic needs to express the “author’s innermost needs and ideas,” but no artist in particular is the same. He/ she most improve their comic in his/her own way. The problem is which possibility can help make a certain comic better. In short, there are many ways to improve a comic book, but an artist must choose which way he/she feels most comfortable with.

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