Figure & Motion Project 1: Caricature

Caricature-Project-Colored   Caricature-Project_Black-n-White


For Project 1 of Figure & Motion class, I had to create a caricature of myself using another caricature artist for inspiration material. The project needed to have two preliminary drawing, one inked (Black and White) and the other one colored; either hand colored or computer colored. A caricature is a drawing of a person, place or thing where a specific part is exaggerated in order to bring out the artist’s message or make something loo funny. For inspiration material, I used Mr. Francois Delabruyere. When I was researching Delabruyere caricatures’, I noticed a certain traits that he had in his artworks. For Delabruyere, he always exaggerated with the mouth and jaw. For example, this image I have shows how Delabruyere would make the jaw so big, that it would most likely take up the lower half of the face. Even if the mouth were the big, it still would be the main point the Delabruyere exaggerated the most. In addition, the hair would look somewhat realistic as well. For example, the hair would have a little detail smaller to how the teeth in the mouth but they would be not that exaggerated.

Next, I planned out my process to making my caricature. The specific parts that I focused on were the eyes and mouth. I focused on the eyes and mouth because I wanted those two parts to be exaggerated the most to the point that I took an extreme risk. The second part that I focused on was the hair. I focused on the hair second because of how Delabruyere made the hair in his caricature not completely realistic but to a point where the viewer knows it’s there. For my hair, considering how it’s black include the facial features; I made light lines while the inside is black. Lastly, I would include certain features of my own into my caricature to make it look more somewhat like me.


Following my plan, I decided to take a risk with how my caricature. The risk I took is that I thought I could make my caricature scary. By scary, I mean how my caricature would have a look that would creep a person out just by looking at it. That look would include big bulging eyes and a big smile whether the mouth was opened or not. In addition, I included my signature “Naruto Headband.” I had drawn this headband because I wore it a lot for quite some time now. One more thing I included was my size and commonly worn white T-shirt. I wanted to include this to show that this is what I normally wore when I’m home doing homework or relaxing.


Finally, the results and my expectations made the outcome of this project come out in a different. By that, I did better than I expected. When I took the risk of making my caricature have a scary smile on it’s face, it came out into a terrifying smile that I think a crazy person and person who is hiding dark intentions would have. For example, even with the ink intensifying my caricature, the bulging eyes and opened mouth smile with a sharp 4th tooth really made it terrifying on it’s own. I didn’t plan on exaggerating that tooth but I choose to because I always though to myself that this certain tooth was sharp like a vampire’s tooth. In addition, I wanted to do better with the colored one. I think I could of done better because of how the caricature still shows so white space exposed and showed that it could be colored a little better. One more thing I thought could improve was the black and white caricature. I wanted to make the line weight not exactly the same but to a point where there would shift from lighter to darker. My opinion, I say I did a pretty good job of making my first caricature. I can say that I can make more improvements to it and other ones in the future. I wonder if any other artist had to face problems like this in his/her artworks?

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