3D Design and Color Project 1: Origami Modular Design

rocket-2 modular-design


For the modular design project, me and my two partners decided to build origami rockets. It may sound odd, but we got the Idea to create this when one of us watched a car commercial and decided hey lets build a rocket. Just doing something space related was a factor in the creation of our projects because there is just something about the Cosmos that’s just so ambitious. There is just so much left to discover that just leaves everything to the imagination like is there new life out there? Are there any other planets that could sustain human life?  The start of the project we weren’t really that excited about the origami ordeal losing our minds over our inability to fold the paper the way we wanted it, and getting it cut to the perfect size. Because of our issues with folding we decided to keep our modules simple with the rocket consisting of cubes, Rectangular prisms, bricks, and a triangular prism. Towards the end of our creation we warmed up to origami and started to enjoy ourselves.

The rockets came out wonderfully. The colors were vibrant. Putting the two side by side put smiles on our faces because none of us were really familiar with origami and we all assumed the final piece would turn out to be one huge blob of paper and glue. It was also a nice bonding experience between the three of us just sitting down, sharing stories and folding paper. I’d have to say the biggest issue we had was simply time management because when we got together the magic happened, but we just didn’t give ourselves enough time to reach our full potential.

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