Journal Week #3

Research Drawing: Learning how to draw a horse



For journal’s week 3 research, I wanted to try drawing a horses head by following the tutorial on youtube, ” How to Draw a Horse head!” From watching this tutorial, I learned  more than I expected for just drawing a horse’s head. One thing that I learned is how the head can be started by drawing 2 circles. For example, normal when I try to draw a horse, I usually imagine how the skull is made out and it doesn’t come out as I wanted the drawing to be. With drawing the 2 circles, the top and bottom circle gives me an idea on how they connect to make the top of the head to the bottom with the neck. In addition, learning how to start the ears. For example, from using this tutorial, I learned that you can draw an arch to where the tip of the ears meet and draw tat arch down to connect to the top circle. With that it gave me a better idea on how the ears can be drawn in a way where they can look realistic. One more thing that I learned is how to apply different proportions  of shading with a horse. For instance when shading a horse, I needed to change the intensity of the shading from light to dark with a source of light shining on the horse. My expectations from finishing this tutorial were a little better than I expected. I can say that I had improved somewhat with my shading however, I do want to improve the intensity of the shading with the mane with the next time I decide to draw a horse.

Notes for Chapter 5 and 6

Chapter 5: Living in Line

Artist who attract the readers’ senses/emotions

McCloud believed that the character’s emotions can be visable even though some see it as regular ink on paper

A picture is the key element that can evoke an emotional/sensual response from the viewer

“The Scream” can be an example because of how the lines made the artist help the viewer get a certain response of shock from looking at the expression made from the person screaming

Emotions/Senses can be seen either within the panel or between the panels themselves.

Line, shape and color have a power to the readers’ inner mind and influence his/her five senses.

The line, shape, or color can be used as symbols to help the viewer make sense of the action,

It can be how a person is sick and coughing to how something smells and the viewer sees the wave lines indicating the stench.

Chapter 6: Show and Tell

The history on how people viewed written words with pictures

McCloud describes how children were and still are expected to grow out of of reading books with pictures and mature onto just reading regular non-pictureless books.

In traditions, the best works of literature and art working together are best seen as distracting or considered commercialism.

McCloud strongly disagrees with how combing words with art can be “base and simplistic”

McCloud strongly agrees with how comics deserve respect if the people didn’t have that type of attitude towards comics.

Even though pictures were used as a way of communicating , words are considered to be more important.

McCloud strongly goes into how the language of pictures were slowly moving into the language of writing

6 different categories with how writing and pictures can be put together

Word Specific: combinations where pictures illustrate, but don’t significantly add to a largely complete text.

Picture Specific: combinations where words do little more than add a soundtrack to a visually told sequence.

Duo-Specific: panels in which both words and pictures send essentially the same message.

Additive: combination where words amplify or elaborate on an image or vice versa.

Parallel: combinations words and pictures seem to follow very different courses, without intersecting

Montage: where words are treated as integral parts of the picture.

Most common Interdependent: where words and pictures go hand in hand to convey an idea that neither could convey alone.

Interdependent can go both ways whether it’s pictures over words or words over pictures.

If Pictures carry the weight, than it gives words an easier to explore a wider area.

If Words carry out the meaning, than pictures can really take off.


Gesture Drawings #7, 8 and 9

GD-7 GD-8 GD-9

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