Journal Week #4

Research Drawing Tutorial: Horse Hooves Drawing

RD-6 RD-5

From watching this tutorial, it made drawing hooves a lot more easier than I thought. In my opinion, I though the hooves would be include more circles to make the joint that supports the weight of the horse. In addition, the the perspective of the hooves helped me know how it looks from a side view and to a front view. My opinion, I feel like I could of done better with how a horses leg looks when it’s reattached. In the future, I do plan on improving the that when I try to draw a full horse.


Understand Comics: Chapters 7 and 8

Chapter 7: The Six Steps
  • Scott explains how each art is common when it comes to certain characteristics.
  • To Scott, he says comic books can be art with how the definition is board up, “art.”
  • To Scott, his definition is “any human activity which doesn’t grow out of either of our species’ two basic instincts: survival and reproduction!”
  • The pursuit of art is seen in different ways
  • It can be for a person’s way of surviving by making hand by hand creative desires
  • The other is ideal, trying to make a profit for success but some won’t change anything to make that money.
  • Either way how you look at it, all art follows a certain path with a 6-step process.
  • Idea/Purpose: The basic contents of where the art came from whether it’s impulses, emotions, purposes or philosophies.
  • Form: What the art will look like, book, drawing, sketch, table, etc.
  • Idiom: The very genre of where the styles, gestures and subject matter come from.
  • Structure: Creating the parts and putting it all together and getting rid of the scarps.
  • Craft: By getting the job done, the user needs to apply skill, practical knowledge, invention or problem-solving.
  • Surface: Finishing the value and production to the very aspects of the superficial exposure to the work.
  • For comics, it begins all around the world with readers enjoy reading the comics that will last long.
  • With that in mind, the comics can inspire others to make new ones, even ones that can improve the old comics.
  • Anatomy, perspective and drawing techniques need practice but will improve the user a lot.
  • By understanding the strcture of the comics, the person can go further.
  • The cycle of comics keeps going and going without no end.
Chapter 8: A Word About Color
  • Color is a powerful predominate concern of fine artists everywhere.
  • Color can have a “profound physical and emotional effect” on people.
  • Even though color can be a “formidable ally”, color and comics don’t always mix together.
  • Scott here blames technology for color having a negative effects on comics.
  • Even though the three primary colors helped newspaper comics go through the roof, it also increased the cost
  • This had made the subtractive filter of commerce to comics, color was subjected to the filters of both commerce and technology.
  • Colors in comics were used in relevant to consumes of characters like Batman and The Hulk.
  • With america inspiring young artists to look beyond the “four-color walls,” it made the color being a central role a possiblity.
  • Other roles that colors can be are, “Dominant Mood, Tones and Modeling could add depth, Whole scenes could be virtually about color, and color as sensation and environment.
  • Comics were still using primary colors and required a new form with new idioms.
  • Color is still the expensive option even for larger, more conservative publishers.
  • Color in comics can amount to far more than the sum of its parts.
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