The Wondering Bone of the Crimson Skeleton

The Wondering Bone of the Crimson Skeleton



In the early days on mankind, a person was not born to become a legend; rather that person had earned the right to become a legend. In recorded history, there have been legends and myths of almost anything imaginable. The most common are those that refer to men who had become idols in their time. Those idols could be powerful kings and emperors, the strongest of 10 men, the most vile and wicked villain to be made or even becoming a god himself; however, there are also those who become legends but rather have the title, “nobody.” For a man to choose this title and still become legend is rare in it’s own way. One of those rare men is one who had nothing but destroyed everything. For this man, this particular individual was the tool of his own demon. This is the story of, “The Wondering Bone of the Crimson Skeleton.”


Long ago, a location in Egypt called, “Zortuka, the City of War” but now referred to as “The Wasteland of Bones.” Zortuka was small city whose people had followed the ways of their king “Kyle Zork” with his wife and queen “Sheila Zork.” The people had worshiped the king and queen with the up-most respect and obeyed with no question. The people of Zortuka or “Zortukians” had worshiped only one god, “Vankosteu,” the god of creation and destruction. With the hand of Vankosteu, he made life in Zortuka peaceful for almost everyone. In the slums of Zortuka, there lived a family of 2, the father “Hains Gorlick” and his pregnant wife, “Rachel Gorlick.” These 2 Zortukians had made the best out of living in the worse part of Zortuka, but with their new born son coming soon, they wanted to raise him is much better part of Zortuka. During the birth-giving process, the wife was in great unusual pain that other women of Zortuka had gone through. In do time, the baby boy was born with slim black hair but something was terribly wrong. The infant was silent and did not make a cry. When the doctor had examined the infant, he found out that the boy was greatly ill with a poison that would devour the bones in his body. This had made the boy only have a week to live before facing death. With the father and mother knowing about their son’s illness, they pledged with the doctor to try and save their son, but doctor couldn’t because this type of poison was new even to him. The parents did not want to give up and as a last resort; they made a pack with the Vankosteu. Right near Zortuka was a ziggurat called, “The temple of Vankosteu’s will.” This temple had been marked as the place for people to give blessing or to make contracts. It also was the resting place for “The Reincarnation Pool.” The Gorlick family had come to this temple in order for their son to be saved. By entering the temple, they felt the presence like Vankosteu was in the same room. They heard a mysterious voice; “Those who wish to make a contract with me, state your offer and your claim.” Hains had said, “My claim is that you save my son for certain death, and in return, we will do anything you want.” Vankosteu was interested by his selfless request and had stated, “Very well. I will heal your son and make strong however, in return, he will become my herald, my executioner.” With those words, Hains had put his son into the pool to bath in its waters. When they looked, they saw their son’s hair turn for slim black into white like bone. When the child taken out of the water, he realized a large cry showing that he was healed. Hains had stated, “With a battle cry like this, his opponents will in tear. Starting today, my son will be known as Kagayoshi, Kagayoshi Gorlick.


After the birth of Kagayoshi, things had returned back to normal for the Gorlicks but only a short while. Rachel Gorlick was ill short after the Kagayoshi’s birth. The poison inside of her was building up until it finally took its final toll on her. Rachel Gorlick died when Kagayoshi was 10-years-old. Since then, Kagayoshi was raised by his father and did their very best to have a good life. Five years after his mother’s death, Kagayoshi was still in school learning new things everyday. The children treated him like an outcast because he was the only one to have white hair. Wherever he went, people stared like he was a foreigner from another land. Kagayoshi was even bullied by the king’s son, “Lars Zork” who was considered to the populist boy in school because of the title, “Prince of Zortuka.” Despite Kagayoshi having an average knowledge, he excelled in all physical activities. When it came down to sports or even challenges in training courses, Kagayoshi came first in it all. With these actions, it left a nasty taste in prince Lars’ mouth. With Kagayoshi taking the spotlight, it made Lars’ jealousy grow to the point where Prince Lars wanted kagayoshi out of the picture… permanently. Five days later, Prince Lars had ordered guards to take Kagayoshi to the outskirts of the desert and execute him without others knowing. The only ones who knew was the “Zork Family.” When the guards brought Kagayoshi’s, they informed him of the real motive of his execution.


When Kagayoshi found out, he saw how easily corrupted the Zork family is. With Kagayoshi finally realizing that, the god, “Vankosteu” made contact with him. “I see you now realize how easy humans can be corrupted by power and wealth.” Said Vankosteu. “Who are you? What do want from me?” said Kagayoshi. “Tell me something boy, do you want to live, or do you want to die?” Said Kagayoshi with a curious accent. “Do I want to die? What kind of question is that? Of course I want to live.” Said Kagayoshi with an angry voice. “Well then, how about we make a pack together.” Said Vankosteu. “I pack, what kind of price do I have to pay?” said Kagayoshi. ‘Hmm, I will grant you power you couldn’t possibly imagine, an ultimate defense if you would; but in return, you will give your loyalty till I see fit that I don’t need it anymore.” Said Vankosteu. “Fine then, I’ll accept your contract. It’s not like there’s any other choice I have.” Said Kagayoshi in a depressed voice. “Then the contract is acceptable, by my hand, I grant you the power… TO LIVE!” With that sudden scream, Kagayoshi I had changed. His own bones stopped the very sword that was about to impale him. Kagayoshi was then freed by other bone spikes and rose to stare at the guards. By realizing what he had done, Kagayoshi grew the courage to fight and eliminate the other guards. The guards stood in shock and froze as they watched numerous amounts of bone-like spikes grew out of his upper-body. In mere minutes, Kagayoshi had slaughtered the royal guards like they were nothing but mere training dummies. The only thing left was the bloodstains and corpses that were left on the sand.


When Kagayoshi had returned home, he found his home ransacked from the inside out. He didn’t know where his father was. During Kagayoshi’s supposed execution, Hains was taken to the Zork palace for some unknown reason by King Kyle Zork’s order. King Zork had decided that it might be to risky to keep Hains alive while he thinks the his son Kagayoshi is dead in the desert. The end result, Hains was framed and ordered to be publically executed for the crime, “attempted murder and murder of Queen Rachel Zork.” What the people of Zortuka don’t know is that King Zork had killed his “beloved” wife in her sleep because he considered her to be a “the weak leg of the centipede.” During the day of the Hains execution, kagayoshi witnessed how the public treated him; in short, they treated Hains like a common criminal. In a instant, Hains was hanged and slowly died on the spot. By witnessing the death of his mother and now his father, Kagayoshi had completely lost everything however, instead of trying to drown in depress like regular Zortukians, he wanted to take revenge to honor his parent’s demise. Vankosteu saw this opportunity and decided to talk with Kagayoshi about his “assignment.” Vankosteu had revealed about his parent’s death and the truth behind his mother’s death. Vankosteu had said, “The poison the was threatening your live was transferred to your mother. Even though I decreased the effects of the poison, I couldn’t completely stop the poison. In short, your mother had to sacrificed for your very own survival.”


Even though Kagayoshi was more depressed than ever, he accepted the truth and decided to take his revenge on the Zork family. In though time, Kagayoshi had trained to control his powers and improve his combat. Before he realized it, the annual death battle was nearly here. This death battle happens every year with the people fight each other to the death for the reward, “a wish granted by King Kyle Zork himself.” The death battle will be held in the glided arena, The Psychameron.” During the day of the death battles, Kagayoshi was in disguised and participated under the name, “The Crimson Skeleton,” but without knowing that Prince Lars was in the death battles to. One by one, Kagayoshi took down each that came his way, making each his opponent’s death worse than the last. Each of Kahayoshi’s opponents died from multiple impalements to their bodies by his bone-like sword and dagger. This had certainly caught the attention of the king and prince. When the final battle had arrived, Kagayoshi had just toyed with Lars at first to show that he wasn’t a match for the Crimson Skeleton. From one boll to the next, Kagayoshi counter-attacked Lars every move in the blink of an eye. When Kagayoshi got Lars to ground, he didn’t waste no time with ending his life. Suddenly, the king had ordered Kagayoshi to stop at the last second to save his son. By letting his guard down, Lars had tried to stab Kagayoshi in the chest but had effort when the bones grew out and intercepted the dagger. Prince Lars had watched with great fear on his face as more and more bones started growing out of Kagayoshi’s body. He yelled, “You… you…you monster! Who are you, you freak of nature?” Kagayoshi laughed and stated, “Who am I? I was the boy you ordered to be executed, but now I am a simple Nobody.” Lars had said, “That impossible, you can’t have that kind of power. I deserve to have a gift like that, no a loser like you.” The king had was shocked and yelled out, “Whoever can save my son and bring me the head of the thing.. will get 5 wishes granted by me, plus 10 pounds of gold.” With that sudden bargen, the crowd of people started to go crazy and invade the arena to Lars support.


As Kagayoshi looked around at the overwhelming number of people surrounding him, Vankosteu had spoke with Kagayoshi. Vankosteu had said, “Well boy, will you kill slaughter these corrupted Zortukians and die by a merciless death?” Kagayoshi looked back at how his life was since he was born till now. Reflecting on his mother and father’s death and how the people treated him, he only had this to say, “If I kill every last one of these fools, will this fulfill our contract and I will be able to keep these powers to myself?” With a smile on his face, Vankosteu had said, “Yes it will, and if you want to keep the powers, then it is yours.” Kagayoshi grew a sinister smile on his face and only said this to the people of Zortuka, “I’m sorry to do this, to all of you by just know this one thing, you all played a part in the creation of the CRIMSON SKELETON!!!!” With those words heard, Kagayoshi started to kill every person in sight. The prince and king watched as the battlefield was stained with blood everywhere, that sand soaked it up like a wet sponge. Kagayoshi used his bone dagger to impale Lars in the head and left him to bleed to death on the sand. The king had tried to fight but his fear overwhelmed him making him freeze on his footsteps. In mere seconds, Kagayoshi sliced up King Kyle into minced meat. In a final act of rage, Kagayoshi slammed the palm of his hands to the sand unleashing giant bone spikes from the ground all around him. The spikes had destroyed everything in its path leaving nothing but a wasteland of bones and corpses with shaded blood everywhere. When kagayoshi saw the work that did to Zortuka, he wondered into the outskirts of the sand and never was seen again. With Vankosteu assistants, he only inscribed a message in the sand and stones of the ruined Zortuka. “Beware the bones, Beware the Legend of the Wondering Bone of the Crimson Skeleton.”

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