Journal Week #5

Understand Comics Last Chapter

Chapter 9: putting It All Together
  • Scott askes, “Why is this medium we call comics so important?”
  • “Why should the people try so had to understand comics?”
  • Scott considers the answer to ], “lie deep within the human condition.”
  • Every person has his/her own point of isolation.
  • Each form of commutation today are the very off-spring of not being able to communicate mind to mind.
  • The medium serves the purpose of a bridge to connect one person’s mind to another’s.
  • Scott thinks that by understanding comics, the wall that separates the artist from the audience can be shattered.
  • Comics can open a new world with end, pencils, and paper.
  • By using communication, the wall of ignorance can be broke down.
  • Step 1: clear our minds of all and any preconceived notions.
  • People would need to separate the form from it’s common contents.
  • Comics are sight-based mediums.
  • Full range to realistic representation and invisible world of symbols/languages.
  • People don’t realize that the creator and reader are partners creating something from nothing from time to time again.
  • In the end, comics have evoked and continue to evoke in time
  • With comics evolving, new creators would be inspired to make higher goals with comics.
  • Ignorance/short-sighted business will delay the evolution tint and time again.
  • “The will to learn… and the ability to see.”


Research Drawing: Full Horse Drawing


From doing the previous researching drawings of horses, the steps that I used to draw a full horse were quite similar. With the gesture drawings, drawing the circles first helped me make the chest and rear end of the horse. In addition, the the those circles were used to make a horse’s head. However, I I did wanted to improve more on the shading, especially with the mane. The results otherwise, I am fine with how it looks and how it was my first time drawing a full horse that doesn’t over lap the page. I do plan on improving with future drawings of horses.

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