Project Canon: The Wondering Bone of The Crimson Skeleton



The project of my Figure and Motion class was to create my own character. The ideas are the creators own but his/her character must have “human features.” The person’s creator need to have his/her own background story/biography. In addition, the character needed to be drawn in 5 different perspectives. These 5 perspectives were “Front, Back, Side, 3/4 Front and 3/4 Back” with 3 different facial expressions. With this project, I focused specifically on my character’s lower half of his body.

For my character, I had created “Kagayoshi Gorlick,” an executioner to the god “Vankosteu, God of of Creation and Destruction.” For his body type, I wanted my character to be very muscular to the point where he looks like a muscle builder. The reason why is because  I wanted to get the correct proportion within the relationships of the human body parts. With that in mind, Kagayoshi is bare-foot and trying to draw a pair feet in each of these perspective was a challenge. I consider this to be a challenge because my other characters usually wear shoes or have animal-like feet. In order to try  and catch realistic-like characters, I had to use a lot of reference drawings as materials.

With the development of my character, some difficulties had surfaced. One of those difficulties was trying my character’s feet. For example, I ‘m not use to drawing feet even in the back perspective. To get a good form on a human for, I used reference drawings of other people’s actual feet to get the concept of the idea. This had helped me make better drawings of feet to understand the different view points of a human foot. The next difficulty was drawing a male butt. For example, this was the first time that I veered drew a male but the reference drawings did help create a proportion that makes the line of the butt meet up the line of the spine. In my original character designs, The proportions were way offend not in-sync with each other. With this new development, I made the work a challenge that is most worthy.

In my opinion,the results of this project came out better than I expected. What had surprised me the most was the coloring process on photoshop. For example, the color was very time consuming but was easier to make which color lighter or darker depending on where the light-soruce is. In addition, the reference images also made it possible for me to understand the 3/4 and regular back perspective. By creating this character in all 5 perspectives, I now have a mental image on how a human body should in the front and in the back.


how-to-draw-baby-feet-babies-kids-feet-foot-step-by-step-4 image03 Male Body [LIMITED to 500px]-1



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