Journal Week #6



For week #6 journal, the research drawing was learning how to draw different perspectives of fist. In tutorial, the artist would start drawing squares to get the form of the fist. In addition, he would then add detail to the parts where the fingers, knuckles and shading belong. In my opinion, the 4 out of 5 fist came out well, even with how the shading looks. The last fist is suppose to be the back view. I didn’t really like how turned out, so i’m going to practice more on drawing that perspective of a fist.

Window Reflection Drawing


The “Window Reflection Drawing” Is a person who draws himself/herself from the window. The person would need to draw whatever can be seen from the inside and the outside as well. This exercise was a little challenging in my opinion. I consider it to be challenging because some objects being reflected couldn’t be seen well. For example, the the outside would be darker than the objects inside the room. This made it difficult to make out what I was suppose to draw. In my opinion, I can say it’s a good start, but I know that there can make improvements to it. I do want to make a better one in the near future.

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