Wondering Bone Animation Project



For this project, I had to create either an animation or flip book for my character I made  in the Canon project. For my character, I decided to show how my character would grow out his bone-like spikes out of his body. To make the animation possible, I made the animation as a GIF ( Graphic Interchange Format) using Adobe Photoshop. By using photoshop by drawing multiple frames by hand and sung Photoshop to orgainize the frames together.

For the the frames that were particularly colored, I intended to do that to show the transformation in my character’s eyes and hair. For example, when my character uses his power, his appearance would normally go through a change to show how he becomes more demonic-like. I wanted to color in his eyes from turn purple to yellow. I intended to do that because I wanted the his eyes to be one of his strong features. For the rest of the frames, I decided not to color in the frames. I decided not to because I wanted it to be non-colored expect for the specific frames.

From watching my animation GIF the results are quite pleasing. For the speed of the animation, the sequence for the bones growing out of his body came out better than I expected. For the bone spikes growing, the relationship is in sync with each other. For the last frames as a close up to my character, I need to fix that gap in-between the frames. The project itself was interesting to create I I do plan to create more animations for any other characters i’ll create in the near future.

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