Calendar for Final Projects


Final Project List
-Art History Poster Project
-English Research Paper 10 pages
-Maya Character Development
-Clay Character Project
-Black&White Self Portrait
-Skeleton Reference Portrait Drawing
-Culture Comic Drawing (Colored and B&W)
-Final Test for Art History
-Finals for English
-Argumentative English Essay
Thursday March 26: Start doing research on culture for comic book. Do journal drawings, (try to get them out of the way.)
Friday March 27: Start doing rough drawings for Art History Poster Project. Take self pics in B&W for Self-Protrait Project.
Saturday Afternoon March 28: Make plans for Skeleton Drawing Project, (Most likely make it look demonic.)
Sunday Afternoon March 29: Start figuring out what to augmentative topic to write about foe English Research Paper.
Sunday Night March 29: Try to do some studying for the PLaws

Monday March 30: Start rough draft on argumentative essay
Tuesday March 31: Start my Skeleton reference drawing
Wednesday April 1: Do some studying for Art History and review English
Thursday April 2: Choose what picture to use and start a rough version
Friday April 3: Create a Rough page for my culture comic project
Saturday Afternoon April 4: Start drawing a rough draft of my Art History Poster.
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