Poor Leprechaun Room



The project for Computer Animation 2 was to create a room for either a rich frog, a lizard family member, or a poor leprechaun using maya. This is the inside of a room that I made for a my poor leprechaun. For using maya, the process was challenging in my opinion. I considered it to be challenging because of how I need to manipulate the shapes to make the room look poor and rundown. For example, try to change the vertex and the face of an object in maya was irritating because of how I wanted to put dents in the objects to look old. In addition, the light source was also hard to use. For instance, I wanted the light source to come from outside which made it hard to use put the light to shine upon the objects like the bed, table, and chair to cast the shadow in the right direction. What I did enjoy doing was the texturing of the objects. I enjoyed doing that because of how the images could work out so well. The textures I choose proved to be more successful than the  textures the maya had. I made the room look more realistic in 3-dimensional form. What I could improve is to move the empty pot of gold. I consider doing that because the pot can’t really be seen because it is behind the table.


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