Journal Week #8

1000px-Atum Egyptian-God-Atum--Design-1

2000px-Anubis_standing Egyptian-God-Anubis--Design-1

Research Drawing: Egyptian Gods Atum and Anubis (The original version and my version)

For one of my final projects, I was doing research on Egyptian art to adapt into my art style. Upon my research on this culture’s art, I had found a reference to the Egyptian Gods, “Atum God of Creation and Anubis God of Mummification” with a brief history about them and what role they played in the creation story. rom learning this, I decided to my different versions of those gods, but to the point where they can still be recognized as the same god even though some fetters are different from the original design.

For the God Atum, wanted to make his normal but the only god to look normal among the rest. I added a white crown to him to show a sign of royalty. That was my intention because he is the first god of all the other Egyptian gods. By know this, I wanted to make him have a white crown that looked like the first design before the appearance of the crown changed with gods that came after Atum. For Atum’s staff, I added that small piece to the other side of the staff because I thought the staff was to plain and decided to make it’s look a little abnormal. The sash on the original design for Atum I removed. I decided to remove it because I found unnecessary.

For the God Anubis, I wanted the color of his skin to match the color of the fur on top of his head. In doing so, I intend to shade in most of Anubis’ body black. That is my intention in my final design because I want each God to have a unique feature that apply’s to their title. For his staff, I decided to make it a staff of Anubis. I intended to do that because I wanted each and even Anubis to have there own staff that was different from the other.

Gesture Drawings: #10 and #11


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