Journal Week #11

Gesture Drawings


Gesture Drawing: Hand holding objects

For this journal, I wanted to practice drawing on how a hand looks when holding a weapon. I choose to do this for my journal because I have been doing less of an effort with how some of my own characters held an object; I wanted to practice again how the hand is suppose to be looking like when drawn. The 2 views that I choose was the front-view and back-view of the hand. I experimented with the shading with how a certain object might cast a shadow on the arm when held. For example, the hand holding the drawn would mostly cast a shadow on the hand going down the wrist. If that is true, then there wold be a faded shadow on the hand. The light source for the shading is coming from the front. This can be seen with the differentiation of shading from going light of the tips of the knuckles to the halfway dark shadow on the wrist.

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