Final Project: Bone Study “Arranging the Skulls”

Final-Project-Bone-Study-2  Final-Project-Bone-Study-2


For one of my final projects for Figure & Motion class, I had to do a Bone study of my own. The Bone study is basically a manipulation of bones whether it’s sketching the bones in a certain way or drawing a certain bones in a portrait. For my Bone Study I named it “Arranging the Skulls.” I gave my Bone Study this name because I wanted to focus mostly on a set of skulls with their own arm attached to them. In addition, I chose only these 4 bones. I chose only these 4 bones because I didn’t want to make the bone study look cluttered. For the material, I used graphite, blend tools and a dry eraser.

For making the bone study, I focused on how the skulls and arms would have their own design that benefits each other. For the skulls, I decide to have the shading on the skulls form the shape. This would give the appearance of the skulls being there without the lines being there. To make that possible, I focused on the negative space, which is the internal and external of the skulls. Also, depending on the lighting of the negative space, I blended in the graphite to show an intensity change between the light and shadows on the skull. I decided to adapt that style with the skulls to show diffraction with the space of the skull and the hands.


With the hands and arms, I applied lines to them but in a way that lines can’t be seen. By that, I mean how the lines can’t really be seen but it lets the viewer have a sense that the hands are there. It is basically a common continuation with the lines. For proportion, I wanted it to look as if there were two skeletons each with their own skull. For example, the hand that was paired with the skull on the bottom is longer than the other hand on the human skull. This gave the appearance those two different types of hands in the Bone study. In addition, the shadows that the hands casted on the skulls made a good balance to the blending. For instance, the hand with the skull on the bottom has it’s shadows on the skull. This shows an equal tension between the to bones and how the shadow is blended in with the shading of the skull but also gives the impression that the hand is there.


Besides working on the bones, the decision to leave the negative space blank was challenging. What I decided to do was make a light source coming from the left going to the right. To make that possible, I needed to make the shading around the pairs have a common ground to look 3-deminsional and not flat. For the shadow that the top pair was casting, I blended it with the shading in the negative space. I wanted the shadow to look more realistic but where there is a faded shadow around the edges the have the impression that there are no lines. In addition, the shaded side of the skull needed to be darker than the shadow making it even more challenging.


In my opinion, most of my expectations were far exceeded. One expectation I had was the shadow being casted on the lower pair of bones. For example, the shadow itself has diffraction between a faded, light and semi-dark shading that is blend in with each other. This makes the skull look more realistic by having a real shadow to it. Another expectation that I had was the eye sockets in the skulls. For instance, the human skull in the top pair had the eye socket look dark inside it. When finished the eye socket, I made the left eye socket look dark and hollow inside like there was no life in that skull to begin with at all. With the printed version, it gave the skull a depressive feeling to it. I had a depressive vibe because of the blue being seen on the shaded side of the human skull. With that very action, it helped give that skull a more emotional vibe to it. With the other skull, the eye sockets give off the same impression. By using repetition, the skull has the same vibe as the human skull but in a different way. The eye socket has a dark center but looks as if it’s just lingering around in the skull. By finishing this project, I can say that the project was challenging but very entertaining. This project made me push beyond my limits but paid off in the end. I hope to do another project like this in the near future.

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