Final Project: Egyptian Creation Comic

Egyptian_Culture_Comic_Panel-1_B&W Egyptian_Culture_Comic_Panel-1

For one of my final projects for Figure & Motion class, I had to create my own comic using any culture’s creation story. For my comic, I decided to use an Egyptian creation myth. The name of this creation is called “Birth of the Earth.” Basically, this creation myth goes in portions to how the earth was made in the Egyptians view. For my comic, I did the first portion, “From Nun to Atum.” To make this comic close to the Egyptian style of art, I needed to adapt their style of art into my own. In addition, research and understand how the hieroglyphics were used to tell stories on the wall.

By adapting to the Egyptian art style, I examined how the Egyptians drew their gods and servants. For example, the Egyptians did a full body of their character but had their head turn at a 90 degree angle. With that in mind, they drew the body to face the same direction as the face was. Another thing that I noticed in their art style was a repetition of the same body. Take the Egyptian Gods for example, most of the heads are different, but the the body shape for a God and Goddess are basically the same. What makes the gods/goddesses  unique is that they have features on them that apples to a certain element or part life each one commands. With my comic, I changed the appearance of certain Gods/Goddesses but not so much that they can’t b remembered from their original design.

By using the art style and hieroglyphics, I needed to focus on portions of comic that would attract the reader’s attention. One piece of the comic I focused on was the color. From “Understanding Comics,” the color can effect the reader’s sense depending on the Brightness/Contrast. I used color to to give the reader the sense that the comic was on the wall with how the color in the background is a dark brown. In addition, I used certain parts of the characters to give the reader an idea to direction on howe to read the panels. For instance, take the 4th and 5th panel. I used Shu’s crown and Tefnut’s top piece of here staff to give the reader that the 4th panel would lead to the 5th panel. Basically, this would catch the reader’s eye to read the direction of panels as intended.

In the process to making this comic, there some challenges that I had to go through. One challenge was the hieroglyphics sequence. Understand those symbols was hard but using them to from a sentence was hard. Some of the symbols mean 2-3 letters which makes it confusing to read. This symbol ” ” represents O, W and U. Another challenge was the color. I need to make the panels brighter so that the hieroglyphics can be seen. The reason why the panels need to be brighter is because the line weight of the hieroglyphics and the characters are the same making both the same level. This project was fun to make but also very productive. I do hope to do projects like this in the near future.

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