3D Design and Motion Final Essay

Have you ever wondered what makes a two dimensional art piece different from a three dimensional art piece? What makes the two different is how a three dimensional art piece has more value-shifts with it’s colors, the form of the piece can be seen with/without the lines and how it catches your eye with a flow of motion in one symbolic fashion. These traits are seen in the art piece in the Senior Show Extravaganza” in Harder Hall of Alfred U. The three art pieces that demonstrate these traits are “Saturday” made by “Leckie Glassman,” the “Glass Photo Mosaic” made by “Charlie Golonkiewicz” and the “Bodies of Light” made by “Lily Montgomery.”

The first art piece is “Saturday” made by Leckie Glassman. One way is the pool directly under the balloons inside the glasses. For example, in the picture, it has the pool reflect the glasses hanging above it. Glassman created a one motion the expresses the emptiness of the water. By doing that, it brings out the negative space of water while the positive space between the glasses and the pool holds a rhythm of motion between them. Also, how the balloons in the glasses has value in them. For example, with all the multiple colors for a certain balloon and being so diverse, it has a sense of different energies being trapped. By that, I mean how each balloon looks tight because of the value of the edges. Either way, the balloons having different colors is still aesthetic with each having its’ own purpose. Glassman’s art piece is in my opinion, “skillful, shows techniques and has a sense of harmony to it.”

IMG_0534 IMG_0535IMG_0542


For Golonkiewicz, he uses these traits that make his art piece creative and have effective results. One way is the pattern of the art piece. For example, by look at the picture, it shows a pattern of shapes together to form one single form. With some shapes having the same scales, it shows a sign of “traditional Venetian glassblowing methods and alternative photographic processes.” (As quoted by Golonkiewicz.) In addition, the composition of the edges that is the negative space between the shapes. The value of the edges shows that the lines are connected making the structure have multiple motions that connects and disconnect at the same time. Basically, the flow helps bring out the symmetry of the shapes. With that in mind, it also has an asymmetrical flow withal shapes are not the same size but still works in the favor of the art piece.

IMG_0530 IMG_0531 IMG_0532 IMG_0533

Finally the last piece made be Montgomery has a sense of energy that is harmonic. By that, I mean how it’s creative structure with the models’ design of beginning white brought out the meaning of the piece. For example, by looking at the picture, the piece has an aesthetic harmonic balance between the models and the negative space surrounding them. In my opinion, my intuition of the meaning behind the art piece was right. The reason why is because harmony played a big role with the flow of the energy made and the technique put in the art piece to bring out the meaning more. Finally, the models’ themselves caught the viewers’ attention. By looking at the pictures, the models that were painted white with gold glider showed a mutation in the art piece. By mutation, I mean how the proportion of the models compared with the rest of the structure had caught the viewer’s attention making the more interested in the art piece. The mutation was the actually people spray-painted worked in the advantage of the art piece.

IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0541 IMG_0550

To restate, there were three art pieces that demonstrated the difference between a 2 dimensional and a three dimensional art piece. From looking at the art pieces, it can be said that each of them has their own techniques’ that makes them unique in their own way. In addition, the pieces show that a large amount of time was put into making them. From observing these pieces of art, in my opinion, it allows a viewer to see that art can come in many forms. These forms can be abstract, harmonic, or even a sync of motion between two pieces that has their own union.



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