Interactive Authoring Project #1: Drawing Program for Beginners

For this project, I had to make a drawing program using the various types of programs I learned in Interactive Authoring using the Processing App. For the program, it could either be a program that draws itself or a program where the user can draw anything they want. For my program, I made mine into a basic drawing program. I used key coding to make letters respond to a certain color. For instance, if a person would hit the “R” key, it would respond to the color “red.” In addition, I also used void MouseMoved, MouseDragged and MousePressed to help create the brush. For example, if the user would want to make an outline, he/she would simply need to click and dragged the mouse on the background. By doing this, the circle representing the brush would leave trail wherever the ellipse would be.

Her is the script for my program: Paint Program Blueprint

By using my program, I had created my own Digital Landscape. As shown below, my landscape is titled, “An Opposite Observing Another.” My digital landscape is an abstract piece that is suppose to represent how some pure observes how something corrupted would sink it’s roots into the ground cause the life around it to wither and eventually die. The pool of water is to represent a giver of life. In other words, the pool brings life around anything around it. The black pool is to represent to opposite of what the pool of water represents. For example, just how the pool gives life, the black pool takes away life turning the land around it into a wasteland. In addition, the roots from the pool can take root and turn it into not only a land of no life, but also a land of corruption.

An Opposite Overlooking Another


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