Interactive Authoring Project 2: Visual Music Art

For this project, the task was to create a program using processing that is interactive to music. For the music, there needed to be an output device connected through processing that will control the music. In addition, there had to be different functions that will add an effect to make the visual art more effective. For my project, I used an Xbox 360 wired controller that was connected with processing to controller my visual art. For the libraries, I used Game Control Plus and Sound. The program itself was to create an ellipse that would change the pitch of the sound itself. If the the ellipse went to this area, it would make the sound have a high pitch or a low pitch. In addition, the user would also have the choice to change the sounds itself and reset the background.

In my opinion, the project itself was very difficult. It was difficult from how I needed to make different programs that won’t give me an error. For example, understanding the parts need to make the program is hard, but knowing how to put them together for the program to work is even harder. Also, knowing whether the library that is being used will work with processing. For instance, with Processing always updating itself, some libraries become insufficient to work anymore. One of those libraries is “procontroll.” This project in my opinion did make realize something. It made me realize that practicing is always useful. The more you practice and experiment on processing, the more knowledge you gain and using processing becomes easier. I do hope to practice more with processing in the near future.

My program: Project 2 Blueprints

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