Traditional Media Project #2: 20th Century Fine Art


-What works and artists did you research while creating this piece?

For 20th century artist I researched Kōgyo Tsukioka and Seison Maeda. For Tsukioka, he was a woodblock fine art artist. His paintings included colored backgrounds and richly colored, dynamic figures. In addition, his paintings had a touch of metallic sense, capturing the elegance of the sumptuous Noh costumes while the backgrounds had strong wood grain impressions. Maeda was an artist who created masterpieces of historical paintings featuring skillful composition, flowing lines and bright colors. For instance, the bright colors can be seen within these two pieces:

Autumn of a Mountain Path:181

Yoritomo in a cave:Yoritomo_in_a_cave

-What specific areas of those artists’ styles are you adapting/gathering inspiration


I wanted to adapt Maeda’s flowing lines and bright colors. In my opinion, those two aspects is what gave his art pieces life. In other words, it made the art have more emotions. However, with Tsukioka, I wanted to incorporate his wood grain impression into my art piece. I felt that it made his art piece more strong with the colors of nature.

-How was this form originally accomplished? What techniques did you have to

modify for your production?

The was accomplished by first drawing two different samurai and the background, and then by painting it with water color. For techniques, I needed to blend some colors with different shades. The colors with the different shades can be seen with the bridge and and the moat. I addition, I wanted the samurai not to blend into the background. To make sure that they didn’t blend in, I needed to darken the lines around the samurai so that way, they can be seen.

-What location/setting within the Tokyo Metropolitan area did you research?

What drew you to that area? What drew me to the Nijubashi bridge was beautiful background with the river around it. In addition, there is a pic where a person can see the Edo castle in the background. For instance, the castle itself is surrounded with a 15km moat with an inner 5km moat.

3362135-Nijubashi2 24_big

-How was that location incorporated into your piece?

For the location, I wanted to incorporate the Nijubashi bridge of Tokyo castle into my piece. I wanted incorporate this bridge because in my opinion, I thought it would make a good setting for the my 2 rival samurais to have an honorable showdown. In addition, some research would say that Samurai would have their battle on bridges.

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