Computer Animation 3-Project 4: Heavy Lift


My fourth project of using the Norman Rig on maya. The project was to animate the Norman rig to pull, push, and/or lift a heavy object.


-shaky arm movement and leg movement

-couch maping could be better

-walking at the start is a bit choppy

-clipping, but god sync and face expression


-the feet slide instead of Norman stepping

-jitterness throughout animation, but definitely looks like object is heavy

-very shakey, glitchy looking

-very blocky, should use graph editor and spline more


Self Critique:  For this project, what I think I did well in was how I made the animation for Norman struggling to lift the couch look realistic. For example, even thought it was easy for me to left a couch, I wanted to make Norman look like he was already getting tired of lifting it. To add-on, his face made it look like he was struggling. I made Norman face look aggravated with clenched to to show the emotion. What I think I could of done better is the walk cycle to the couch and the smoothness of the video. For instance, from watching the video, it shows some jumps with Norman’s joints and how his torso should be moved more to the front.

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