Interactive Authoring Final Project: Epileptic Invasion

For Interactive Authoring class, my final project was to create a program using “Processing” from what I have learned since the beginning of the semester. In addition, I can also use any other program or output device to assist with our project or any other program besides Processing. Those output devices and programs could be an Arduino, Xbox Kinect, an Xbox 360 controller, etc. For project, I decided to create a shooting game called “Epileptic Invasion.” Just like any other shooting game, the objective is simple; ” point-and-shoot and get a high score. For my game, I wanted to make it unique. I wanted to make my game unique by rigging the game so that the player will lose. To make that goal possible, I made 2 things that would affect the two senses a player would need to play any game. Those senses are the sight and hearing.

For the sight, I made a command to affect the player’s sight. The command was to make the background, targets and trigger flash multiple colors when the player clicks for the first time. For instance, the games starts with a black screen however, once the play clicks, the background not only reveals the target and trigger, but everything is flashing from one random color to the next.

For the hearing, I wanted to use an annoying sound to mess with the player’s head. To make possible, I made a command on processing to create a noise once the game starts. That very noise is called the “white noise.” By that, it is the sound static when the T.V. is on a channel with no signal. This would create that very same noise with a slight twist. The twist is that whenever the player moves the trigger left or right, the pitch of the noise will increase with it. Also, the noise will continue to play even when the game is over.

I wanted to focus on messing up these two senses. I wanted to do that because these two are used a lot. For example, whenever some plays a game, they rather focus more on the game than what’s happening around you. With these two senses beginning messed up, the player will lose focus and mostly get a low score on the game. In my opinion, I can say that this game came out to be a success. I consider it to be a success because the game is working properly without an problems so far. In the future, i hope  to improve upon the game to make it a lot better.

Here is the coding: Final Interactive Authoring Project Coding

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