Interactive Authoring Gallery Write-up: PIZZAZZ: Freshmen

During this semester, the freshmen had their own gallery. The freshmen of DMA were given the their own gallery because they were given the chance to show their hard work up on the wall. By looking at the pictures, the gallery shows three projects the were assigned to the freshmen in Foundations class; “Different perspectives of a flag, the mask and the chair being covered by a black and white sheet. By looking at these sketches, it shows that the freshmen were dedicated to wanting to make their projects look great. For example, each sketch shows the use of charcoal and the the blending tool and in my opinion, it is tough to use at first but would get easier to use through practice. By getting a closer look, you can see the shading and blending from a light tone to a darker tone.

In terms of improvement, I really don’t little to nothing to say about their work. I really don’t have anything to say because their work is better than what me and my colleagues did last year. For instance, the freshmen’s sketches beat my colleagues work in terms of dedication, applying elements of design and how to control themselves when it comes to understanding and manipulating charcoal. In my opinion, I’m impressed with their work; it shows that most of the freshmen understand the elements of design and know how to apply it to their work. I can’t wait to see their next gallery.

IMG_0913 IMG_0914 IMG_0915 IMG_0916

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