Japanese Media Final Project

For my Japanese Media class, my project was to create an art piece based on a Japanese artist who did art in the 21st-century. The artist could be “Yayoi Kusama, Takeshi Murata, Maywa Denki, or even Koji Yamamura. For my project, I created an animation based off my research I did on Takashi Murakami, A Japanese artist whose most famous for his fashion, merchandise and superflat animation. For his animation, his creatures may look cute and innocent however, they are creepy and disturbing. In addition, his animation can change drastically. For instance, Murakami’s animation is most famous for a montage of backgrounds with multiple circles and other random stuff to influence how crazy it can be. For my animation, I attempted to tryout his animation. To make that possible, I made my creature look cute but gave him some features that would make him look creepy. My creature has a sinister smile when he glares at you. I wanted to created my own freaky animation montage but given the time, I decided not to. To try and replace that, I used a song in the background to add-in an extra effect of disturbance to the viewer that something bad is going to happen.

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